Our Story!

Gerald’s passion for food and drink came at an early age, exploring various different cultures and cuisine his ancestry from a family of farmers and recognised cooks developed his love for good food and drink, since graduating from university he honed his skills with some of the best known operators in the industry within Leading hotels, Michelin star restaurants and luxury care homes.

With over 20 years of experience in the food and drink space, Gerald is a strategic award winning operator with strong analytical skills and business knowledge leading large teams in delivering challenging projects within agreed time frames. Possesses a dynamic track record in proactively helping businesses improve profit by reducing operating costs whilst delivering an outstanding product. Actively leading social showcasing through implementing systems and optimising technology.

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Gerald’s success lies in training and developing happy teams in alignment with company vision, mission and values, constantly exceeding guest expectation, improving perceived value with affordable glamour, achieving continuous profit growth to the investor alongside generating new revenue leads whilst supporting our local community.

GQ and Associates

Gerald and his associates, senior team of industry colleagues often collaborate together to deliver a 360 project planning, strategy, design, build and development to deliver an outstanding product and design a bespoke guest experience.



Our Values: